Contribute to CG Aviation History Repository

Contributions to the History of Coast Guard Aviation are welcome and solicited.

The site today is growing rapidly and is only limited by current manpower availability to actually handle all the photographs, documents and publications. Accordingly, we ask that you provide as much information as possible about the contribution so that it is easier for the data clerk to fill in the information desired for inclusion in the database.

We hope to have film, slide shows, and individual album stories available in the near future.

In all things there must be some rules in order to progress toward our goal. These are:

1. You must decide to send info by US mail or e-mail.

2. To send by US mail use this address:

Coast Guard Aviation Association
P.O. BOX 940
Troy, VA 22974-0940
Attention: CG AV HISTORY
Phone: (251) 268-9203

3. To send materials, as attachments via email, send to (

4. If you want to get the materials that were submitted by mail returned to you, please specify; otherwise the submitted materials will be archived at the Office of the Coast Guard Historian, Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

5. If you have questions email (

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